Commandonut Casual 2v2 Tournament


Welcome to the most casual 2v2 tournament of all time brought to you by flubb! Although there may be certain tournaments claiming to be the most casual of them all, you can be sure that they will pale in comparison to the casualness of this tournament. All are welcome, from Bronze to Uber. This tournament will be in the Swiss format, and the number of rounds will depend on the number of teams that show up. There will be between 5 and 6 rounds of Swiss. Brackets shown on Challonge are not accurate and they will definitely be redrawn at the start of the tournament (no-show removal). Please contact me (flubb) if there are any issues so that they can be sorted before the start of the tournament.

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You do not need an account to sign up, and your team will automatically be added to the bracket on Challonge. Furthermore, each team must make themselves available 30 minutes before the start of the tournament. At least one of your team members must be contactable.

This is a shared armies tournament with MLA only and Titans is required


You must have the following map packs installed: flubb's Tremendous Map Pack, eXodus eSports Map Pack. The maps in the tournament will be selected from the list below.

Map Name Map Pack
T - Crevage eXodus 1v1
Moore eXodus 1v1
Chess eXodus 1v1
Frozen eXodus 1v1
Clutch of Annihilation eXodus 1v1
Farenheit eXodus 1v1
ColdFeets eXodus 1v1
Dust flubb's Tremendous Map Pack


1st Place : 2x Offworld Trading Company (courtesy of Ferretmaster), $5 PayPal (courtesy of NikolaMX)
2nd Place: 2x $5 Steam Games (courtesy of Ferretmaster)
Nik's special casual award: $10 paypal (courtesy of NikolaMX)

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Huge thanks to Big_Danny, NikolaMX and Ferretmaster


Team Name Players
Team Name Players